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DDSY726 Single-phase Electric Pre-paid Meter
DDSY726 Single-phase Electric Pre-paid Meter
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1. General

The DDSY726 type single-phase electronic pre-paid watt-hour meter is developed on the base of excellent single-phase electronic watt-hour meter. It is a new type of IC card pre-paid meter, which has such function as power metering, load control and customer information management. It is an ideal product when reforming electric-use system, achieving electrical energy to commercialize, setting charge and adjusting load stage in the electric network.

2. Function and Features

2.1 Active single-phase electric power metering, no subject to adjust in terms of long working.
2.2 Each user (meter) responds to a card, well protect from forgery;
2.3 Once the remaining electric power quality is approaching the alarming power quality, the digital tube should be lighted to
remind user of timely purchasing;
2.4 Once the electric consumption available is out, it should be auto cut-off;
2.5 Protect from power theft, and recording the information automatically;
2.6 Auto cut-off for overload;

3. Specifications

Rated Current (A) : 5(20),5(30), 10(40), 10(60), 15(60)

Rated Voltage (V): 220 or 240

Rated Frequency (Hz): 50 or 60

Accuracy Class: Class 1 or Class 2