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DDS226 Single-phase Electronic Watt-hour Meter
DDS226 Single-phase Electronic Watt-hour Meter
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The DDS226 type single-phase electronic watt-hour meter adopt exclusive use LSI,the device typifying new periphery component,simple structure, high reliability, low power consumption, long life etc, is suitable for the single-phase AC active electric energy with rated frequency of 50Hz.

2. Function and Features

2.1 Measure active electric energy, no need of calibration for long-term operation;
2.2 Adopt dedication meter age chip ADE7755;
2.3 Adopt lasted electrici ty dedication inte grated circuit inc luding digital multiplier overseas, greatly improved dynamic working
range of Meter, making 1 multiple actual overload;
2.4 Have good mistake linearity in the range of 5%Ib~Imax;
2.5 Few periphery component, simple structure, low power consumption;
2.6 Adopt high reliability and long life electronic component, so the meter assume

3. Specifications

Rated Current(A) : 1.5(6),2.5(10),5(20),5(30),10(40),10(60),15(60),20(80),30(100)

Rated Voltage(V): 220 or 240

Rated frequency (Hz): 50 or 60

Accuracy Class: Class 1 or Class 2