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YCB Frequency Converte
YCB Frequency Converte
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1. Multi output frequency: 0~650Hz (YCB100), 0~600Hz(YCB200) 

2. Large starting torque: 0.5Hz/180% rated torque (YCB100), 0.5Hz/150% rated torque (YCB200)

3. Advanced EMC design: Optimization of PCB technology to ensure the effective shielding loop of circuit, add decoupling filter and effective electric impulse reducing measures.

4. Advanced technology: adopting high-density multi-layer circuit board, and use the entire each process SMD, the main circuit use thick film circuit technology to ensure the reliability. It have compact structure and elegant appearance.

5. Perfect protection: as many as more than 20 kinds of fault protection can be achieved to a full range protection from the frequency converter to motor.